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"Experiences" in Antibes

Bakery Antibes

Now, it’s all about experiences! In Paris, a Venezuelian couple teaches visitors how to make “galettes bretonnes” (traditional savoury pancakes from Brittany). In Notting Hill, a pretty young girl takes tourists to the most “Instagramable” spots… Well, we don’t have that in Antibes. But if you want to have a good time and an authentic experience, just wander around the Old Town and pop in the local shops, cafes and bakeries. In addition, you can book a guided tour: it’s in French every Tuesday at 9:30 am, and it can be in English if three people or more are participating. Another good idea is to book a baking course with a renowned pastry chef: it's "Macarons" this Saturday 27th January, and “Paris-Brest” on Friday 16th February (a choux pastry filled with praline cream)!

Macaroons Antibes

Guided tours by the Tourist Office: 42, avenue Robert Soleau

Pastry classes by Pâtisserie Christian Cottard: 8 boulevard Dugommier

Stay in Antibes and enjoy a genuine local experience!


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