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Great Sailboats at the Postcard Museum of Antibes

Great sailboats - Postcard Museum of Antibes

For a long time, postcards were an essential way of communicating when travelling. In Antibes, travelling is often associated with sailing, so visiting the exhibition of Great Sailboat Postcards is a brilliant idea. You will have the opportunity to see some formidable military ships from 1900, as well as fishing boats- such as the schooners which sailed to Iceland for months- and also some impressive cargo ships. Finally, you will see some modern sailboats equipped with the most advanced technology. This exhibition lasts until 30 June 2018, and the €5 entrance fee also allows you to see the permanent collection of more than 3,000 postcards.

Postcard Museum - Antibes

Postcard Museum

4 avenue Tournelli

06600 Antibes

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