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Art in Provence: the Fernand Léger museum

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Found in a picturesque setting in the town of Biot, the Fernand Léger museum is a celebration of the late French artist and his unique style of modern art.

The museum building itself pays tribute to his painted ceramic work and use of bright colours, shown in the mosaics. The piece referenced on the building was finished posthumously, as it was incomplete at the time of his death in 1955.

There is much to look at and enjoy from the permanent collections, including painted pieces with the recurring motif of keys, which Léger often showcased in his paintings, and ocassionally juxtaposed with human figures like the Mona Lisa.

His painted ceramic work is equally impressive and colourful, with flowers, horses and women adorning them.

There are beautiful stained glass pieces that can be seen throughout the visit, and a new (and temporary!) exhibition of his monumental piece 'Le Transport des Forces', initially shown at the International Exhibition of Arts and Techniques in Paris, ends the visit on a high.

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