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French rock star who made his debut in Antibes

Singer Johnny Hallyday

Singer Johnny Hallyday died on Wedneday 6th of December at the age of 74. He was considered the “French Elvis” in the early 60s, as he contributed to bring in new rock’n roll music from America. In 1961, one of his very first performances took place at the “Old Colombier”, a theatre in Juan-les-Pins. Critics were not very enthusiastic about the novelty of his music, but the young people of Antibes and Juan les Pins acclaimed the talented aspiring star. He passed his driving licence at a driving school on the Place Charles de Gaulle. At that time, he was staying in a flat on avenue Maréchal Joffre. He was 17 years old and was just starting an exceptional career.

2009 Concert at Stade de France

Antibes has always been a vibrant city open to novelty, so no wonder Johnny’s success started here.

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