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Two delicious dishes to enjoy in Antibes

Olives pissaladière Antibes

Antibes is situated between Nice and Saint-Tropez and therefore, it is the perfect place to enjoy their respective specialities. The “pissaladière” originates from Nice and is a dough topped with onions, anchovies and black olives. This is not a pizza, so no tomato and no cheese. "Pissaladière" is very versatile as it can be served as a main course, a starter or an appetizer. The “tropézienne” was created by pastry cook Alexandre Micka in 1955 and became famous thanks to French actress Brigitte Bardot who was fond of it. It is a delectable brioche filled with a smooth cream and sprinkled with sugar.

tropézienne Antibes

You can make “pissaladière” and “tropézienne” while staying in our properties, as they all have well equipped kitchens. Or you may buy them in most of the bakeries in Antibes.

Bon appétit!

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