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Antibes, a city of the world!

Antibes, a city of the world

Although I have known Antibes for a good 40 years, I was surprised when I returned two years ago. Not that the remains of the fortified wall or the Marché Provençal had vanished…but I didn’t remember there being so many tourists from all over the world so keen to enjoy Antibes and its unique way of life. Our flats have accommodated guests from so many different countries that it would be endless to list them all in this post.

This gave me the idea to create a set of pictures combining both Antibes and other beautiful places around the world from where our guests originate.

We will start with the first of a series this week. Now it’s up to you to guess the two other countries featured in the picture!

Do not hesitate to give your answer via our Instagram or Facebook accounts.

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